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Personal Biography

This is my self-introduction. My name is JeaYoung Jeon [ce-jəŋ cən] and, in Korean, 전제영 [cən ce-jəŋ]. I was born in 20 Feb, 1990.


My hometown is Pohang city in Korea and my school, POSTECH, is also located in this city. Currently, I lived in a dormitory of POSTECH [Google map]. Pohang is small and calm city and has beautiful beach and natures.


  1. Games

I am hyper game-holic and playing PC games such as LOL, SC2, Diablo3, Hearthstone. I spend lots of time to enjoy my favorite games.

  2. Collecting Electronics

PC with Windows OS is widely used these days. Thus, I prefer to use Microsoft or Windows devices. I have Windows phone, SamSung Ativ S, and Windows tablet, MS Surface but these device are not compatible with Korean services. I hope IOT of MS become very famous and Windows devices re-born into everywhere someday.

  3. Sports

I am a perfect indoor guy. Thus, I don't like almost major sports except winter sports such as snowboard and speed skating.

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